Thursday, March 6, 2014

Easter Activites

I finished an Easter themed education print out today and had Dustin try it before I posted it on my Etsy shop. 
The first worksheet is a simple color matching activity.  We used pom poms, glitter glue, and tweezers (for part of it). 

I like to have Dustin use glitter glue, not only because it's sparkly and catches my eye, but it comes out a lot slower that regular glue.  Otherwise, I'd probably still be cleaning up a big mess right now.

The next worksheet was an egg matching activity.  I cut out the top half of the eggs and Dustin found the matching bottom half and glued them down.  We tried out a glue stick this time to change things up. 

**I helped straight the eggs a little when he wasn't looking . . . **

After being kid approved, I posted these handouts on my Etsy shop here:

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