Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Build A Snowman

Despite having over two feet of snow in our backyard, Dustin built a snowman inside today . . . not really, but it's the next best thing.
One thing I am working on with Dustin is trying to get him to retell me stories in order or putting images in sequential order.  So, I made him a "Build a Snowman" handout to help him.  This was our first time trying it out, so it didn't go perfectly, but he seemed to catch on a little.
I printed, laminated, and cut out our snowman pictures.  Then, I asked him to put the first step of building a snowman to his left (I pointed where.  Sadly to say he doesn't know his left and right yet . . . we are falling behind!!!!!!!!!!!!)  We  continued this until the snowmen images were in sequential order.  I think after a few times doing this he will catch on pretty quick!

This handout can be purchased at my Etsy shop for instant download:

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