Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tags, Tags, and MORE TAGS!

As though I had plenty of extra space in my craft closet, I decided to pick up another hobby after Christmas.  Did you guess it yet? . . . TAGS!
So here are a few I have been working on with Valentine's in mind.

I've already had two orders for the "Made with Love" Tags and have been trying out a few box folding methods to deliver them in.  I'm really pleased with the newest one in the upper left picture.  My sister gave me the idea to put a sticker of my logo on the front.  Thanks Donna!

Let me know what you think or if you have any ideas of where I could take this! 

Tags can be purchased here:  Thanks!


  1. These tags look great! Glad you put them in your shop. Wishing you all the best with sales and such. :-)

    p.s. Crafting is quite addictive.

    1. Thanks Libby! I love seeing all of your stuff too. That hat you made was beautiful. Hope you are doing well!