Thursday, November 7, 2013

He's Almost Two, Better Start Studying for the SATS

Now that Dustin is getting a little older and can take directions (loosely), I decided to start home schooling him this week.  After reviewing some of the expectations for Pre-School and Kindergarten, I came up with a list we need to accomplish before he turns four.
Then, I made a daily schedule for Monday-Friday.  I'm about to modify our schedule again, but here is an example of what I came up with.  I keep it in the front of our learning binder so it's easier for me to see what we need to do next.  The actual amount of "academic material" being covered does not take up that much of our day.  I broke up our basic subject matters into 20 minute increments, thinking that was plenty of time for each activity . . . yes and no.  When we do an art activity or science experiment it may take longer, but when it's reviewing our letters I have a hard time getting that to stretch out for 10 minutes.
So, this weekend I plan on revising our schedule a little, but so far it has been a fun week.

Here is Dustin hard at work on our second morning of school :)

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