Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Alphabet Matching Ice Cream Cones

I recently made these print outs for Dustin.  He is really good at repeating letters and sounds, but he is struggling with letter recognition.  So, every morning we work on 5 letters of the alphabet 20 minutes at a time. 
The ice cream cone print outs have four different levels of difficulty.  With Dustin we are starting with the second easiest, which are the colorful ice cream cones with only the lowercase letters on the cone.  He matches them pretty easily, but I know he is using the colors to help him.  I'm hoping he will get use to seeing the letters so when we move to the pink ice cream cones, he'll have an easier time.
Here's one way of using these print outs.  Laminate the pages, cut out the ice cream scoops, and apply sticky Velcro.

 You can purchase ALL 34 printouts for only $3.00 at my Etsy shop:
I wish I could give this stuff away for free, but I am trying anything I can so I can stay at home with my son a little longer.  Thanks for reading! 

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