Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Warning: Toddler Driver

Dustin is obsessed with cars, so for his learning notebook I added a page just for that.  It keeps his interest, helps his fine motor skills, and uses his imagination.
All you need is construction paper, foam paper, a laminator (or page protector), and little Nano cars.
To make this, I cut small yellow rectangles and glued them onto black construction paper, creating dotted lines.  This will become the road.  Then I laminated the paper.
The final step was to take green foam paper, cut it, and glue it around the roads to create grass.  The easiest way I found to do this was to take tracing paper and place it over the black laminated paper.  I then traced the yellow dotted lines.  Then I drew out about how wide I wanted the roads on my tracing paper.  When I was done, I laid the tracing paper on top of the green foam paper and cut out all the negative space (the space around the roads) and then used spray glue to stick it onto the black paper.
I didn't have big sheets of foam paper, so I had to do it in sections.

Dustin really enjoys it!   

Drive safe!

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