Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fly Swatter ABC's

I've been working with Dustin on letter recognition and try to find different ways of going about it.  Then it came to me.  He LOVES hitting stuff . . . anything really, so I designed a handout where he was encouraged to hit and we wouldn't tell him to stop.
I created one page that had the entire alphabet.  Then I drew up a wasp, bumble bee, and fly, and placed them around each letter.  I made bigger versions of these on flashcards, about 6 per page.  That way when we buy a new fly swatter, we can hang up the flashcards and he can swat at the BIG bugs.

He seemed to really enjoy it and kept his attention for a whole FIVE minutes!!!

I didn't take the time to laminate my fly swatter, so needless to say it's not going to last very long with Dustin.  As long as he has fun, I don't mind.
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