Thursday, October 3, 2013

Shape Matching

Since we were stuck in side most of the morning due to the "blizzard", I decided to get back to work on Dustin's learning notebook.  I've been slowly putting together everything I want him to learn in one binder so we could get a little bit more organized.
I first printed off various geometric shapes on a red sheet of paper.  I then cut them out and used double sided tape to stick them onto a white sheet of paper.  (I was trying to save on printer ink.  You could definitely print these out instead.)
Before taping your shapes down, trace them onto red foam paper.  I didn't do that first, so I had to cut out a whole new set of shapes just so I could trace them.  Cut out the foam shapes.

Use sticky Velcro and attach it to the back of each foam shape and to the matching shape on the paper.

So far my son hasn't torn this to shreds, so hopefully it will hold up until he learns what an octagon is! 

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