Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cheerio Necklace

This morning for breakfast we had boiled eggs and necklace cheerios . . . the boiled eggs weren't on the necklace :)
Here's what we used.  Our favorite Cheerios, skinny ribbon (about 2 feet long), coffee straws, and a sharp knife (an exact-o knife would have worked better, but I always seem to misplace that thing . . . )
Cut a tiny slit through one end of the coffee straw, just wide enough to get your ribbon through.  I turned the knife slightly in both directions to widen the hole.  Thread your ribbon through the slit and then tie a Cherrio on one end of the ribbon. 

(I swear this kid has clothes, he just isn't in them often)
Start placing Cherrios on the coffee straw and push them down the ribbon.  The cheerios fit perfectly over the coffee straw, but something like Fruity Loops would be a little easier if you buy that kind.

Once you have filled up your ribbon: admire your hard work, tie the ends, put it around your neck . . .

and eat it! 

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